ClickRaid2 Ver.292.1

Published on Sun, 04 Oct 2020 05:28:44
-Another attempt at fixing server crash bug
-Fixed HP bars not always updating after adding party members
-Changed pretty much all party code
-Fixed an issue with leaving party leading to a Dungeon not generating for clients until Dungeon change
-Fixed UI bug that could lead to class selection wandering off when resizing client
-Added code to prevent a pointless warning from spamming clients log

ClickRaid2 Ver.292

Published on Thu, 24 Sep 2020 01:12:01
-Wearing the full merch set now activates your XP Charm as a bonus
-Fixed movement sync bug when a bot is set to party lead
-Re-Added the Garbage Collection fix that was disabled last build due to it causing the odd server crashes(hopefully wont cause them again)
-Ascend Leader should no longer get a gem craft speed catch up mult
-Added code to tell client to disable a player object that disconnected before its destroyed to prevent some log warnings
-Added a local save to set contribute elements on reconnect
-Fixed some issues with Party HUD slots not refreshing correctly
-Added ability for party members to kick and add bots when friends of party leader can change leader is toggled

Changes Since 291
-Multiple server builds to isolate the issue with server crashing
-Changed how DPS is sent to clients to be more optimal
-Fixed a possible Dungeon mods null
-Fixed possible null with skill casting when someone disconnects
-Fixed part leader and tank on reconnect
-Fixed Prestige floor / 2 on prestige happening while under floor 1 mil

ClickRaid2 Ver.291

Published on Wed, 26 Aug 2020 04:37:34
- Mercenary Bot's can now fill missing slots in parties set by the party leader
* A full party that contains a bot will still be joinable by other real player's
* If autojoin is on a player will automatically replace a random bot
- Gem craft speed has been increase by 2x
- Gem Growth per Ascend has been capped at Ascend 125, After 125 its just 1.45m gem levels needed per ascend
- Amount of power from Gems to floor has increased by another 5%
- Frag cost has been removed from WeaponMaster
- Frags spend on evolving will be refunded automatically on first login into this build
- Amount needed to level server quest's has been reduced
- Clicker Game has been modified
* It's Click feature has been replaced with Auto Clicking
* Auto Click Time can be bought with Crypt Tokens up to 24 hours
* Cost will increase based on your personal Click level
* Free Clicks will also occur on floor changes
- Chimera Boss texture is fixed
- Base floor mod that was applied to Caverns and FFTT has been removed as it hasn't been needed since floor mod

ClickRaid2 Ver.290

Published on Wed, 19 Aug 2020 20:35:34
- Increased the Usable Gem level modifier from 15% of Ascend level to 20%
- Added 2 New Server Quest Mults that will unlock soon
- Fixed the Shard Pet to prevent it from gradually floating away
- Added the Colosseum Boss model
- Fixed bug with overall Astral Fragments being incorrect
- Fixed a bad shader on Library Boss book binding

ClickRaid2 Ver.289

Published on Tue, 11 Aug 2020 22:06:13
- Gear set should now swap properly when going into events when in boss rush mode
- Guild Quest point weekend mult should now work correctly
- Sealbonus is now applied to UltDamage
- Guild Talent "Crit Damage Cap" renamed to "Crit Damage"
- Seal "Shield Pen" renamed to "Shield Damage"
- Stat "ExtraCritDamage" renamed to "ExtraCritChance"
- Charm System has been re-worked to allow you to select 1 from each category(Attack,Defense,Utility) to allow for better customization.
- Small improvement to Auto Gem crafting to switch gems faster and increase by 10k instead of 1k

ClickRaid2 Ver.288.1-288.2

Published on Wed, 05 Aug 2020 00:33:33
- ClickRaid Mini-game mob now auto destructs at 15%
- Quest points will now be multiplied by weekend buff active buff level
- Fixed an issue with Weapon Master support buff clearing itself
- Fixed a few server bugs and removed some debug outputs

- Possible fix for gear not changing after auto reconnect when manually changing gear
- Possible fix ClickerGame < 10% Self Destruct should work every time now
- Changed how presets load and should no longer cause odd things to happen when a preset has never been setup
- Gear Stats should update correctly when changed now, last build prevented them from clearing correctly
- Weapon Master Support role fixed for hopefully the last time
- Prestige will now halve your current floor instead of going back to floor 1 when floor > 1mil
- Updated Gear Items will now display regardless of filter settings when looking at gear
- Fixed case when evolving in weapon master resulted in a NaN/Inf result and now recalculates level from the pieces collected